Modelling on the Guaranteed QoS for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Network Calculus Approach

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) became one of the high technology domains during the last ten years. Real-time applications for them make it necessary to provide the guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). The main contributions of this paper are a system skeleton and a guaranteed QoS model that are suitable for the WSNs. To do it, we develop a sensor node model based on virtual buffer sharing and present a two-layer scheduling model using the network calculus. With the system skeleton, we develop a guaranteed QoS model, such as the upper bounds on buffer queue length/delay/effective bandwidth, and single-hop/ multi-hops delay/jitter/effective bandwidth. Numerical results show the system skeleton and the guaranteed QoS model are scalable for different types of flows, including the self-similar traffic flows, and the parameters of flow regulators and service curves of sensor nodes affect them. Our proposal leads to buffer dimensioning, guaranteed QoS support and control in the WSNs.


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