Efficient Search (RES) for One-Hop Destination over Wireless Sensor Network

The revolution of wireless sensors networks (WSNs) has highly augmented the expectations of people to get the work done efficiently, but there is little bit impediment to deal with deployed nodes in WSNs. The nature of used routing and medium access control (MAC) protocols in WSNs is completely different from wireless adhoc network protocols. Sensor nodes do not have enough capability to synchronize with robust way, in resulting causes of longer delay and waste of energy. In this paper, we deploy efficientenergy consuming sensors and to find one hop robust and efficient destination search in WSNs. We firstly deploy BT (Bluetooth enabled) sensors, which offer passive and active sensing capability to save energy. This work is a continuation of previous published work in [2]. The BT node is supported with efficient searchmethodss. The main objective of this contribution is to control different types of objects from remote places using cellular phone. To validate our proposed methodology,simulation is done with network simulator (ns2) to examine the behavior of WSNs. Based on simulation results, we claim that our approach saves 62% energy spent for finding best one- hop destination as compared with existing techniques.


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